Team Development (Domestic & International)

  • Build team commitment and cohesiveness.
  • Communicate, make decisions, and manage conflict more effectively.
  • Value and leverage differences, including international cultural differences.
  • Involve your team in assessing team effectiveness and morale.
  • Provide process consultation, a unique form of action-oriented consulting, to improve team effectiveness.
  • Conduct training on team skills, including cross-cultural communication skills and cross-cultural norm development.
  • Present, model, and develop trust-building strategies.
  • Conduct one-on-one coaching.
  • Mediate conflicts.

“Anne Litwin shows excellent empathy for people from different cultural backgrounds, with particular expertise in Asian culture and gender culture. Anne adjusts quickly to the needs of a group, and has excellent facilitation skills in a process-oriented, multi-cultural environment.”
—Juergen Schoepke, Training Manager, Siemens AG

“Our work with Anne was vital to our health as a group practice. Her followups have further strengthened our group’s ability to stay on course toward vitality and growth. Anne’s wisdom lies not just in her knowledge and experience, but in her gentle, intelligent way of infusing a group with positive energy. Thanks to her, we’ve developed both a willingness to acknowledge strengths and weaknesses and the courage to pursue our goals.”

—Vicki Competello, Partner, Cornerstone Family Resources

“For 10 years, Anne has been an important counsel to me as Executive Director of Community Catalyst, working with me to address some difficult organizational issues.  She has also played an important role as consultant to the Senior Management Team (SMT).  With her help the SMT has become a high functioning unit and Community Catalyst has grown dramatically.”
—Rob Restruccia, CEO, Community Catalyst

  • Co-developer of a leadership training program for leaders of multi-cultural teams for Siemens, a global company based in Germany.
  • Ongoing membership in culturally diverse training teams for the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science.
  • Led cross-functional teams and task forces for The Agency for Child Development, New York City, New York.
  • Served on the boards of the Angela Westover House and the New Repertory Theater.
  • Member of the senior staff team of the Power and Leadership Conference for 25 years.
  • Licensed Organization Workshop trainer.
  • Resource to teams as a process  consultant for 30 years.