Welcome. I’m Anne Litwin, Ph.D.

Please take a few minutes to review this snapshot of what I do best. I work solo or with associates, a global pool of over 25 consultants and trainers of all nationalities. The links below will lead you to details, case studies, and testimonials.


Public and private organizations of all sizes

Consult with you to plan and manage growth, fine-tune operations, boost morale, and define the future.

Executives, managers, and entrepreneur

Coach you to build leadership skills, achieve professional goals and earn promotions.

The results we’ve helped achieve for individuals and organizations

  • Break down project and functional silos and re-energize teams by aligning the organization around common goals.
  • Increase system readiness for change by engaging the whole system in the change process.
  • Enhance effectiveness of HR business partners by developing OD capabilities for HR professionals.
  • Deepen the pool of talent prepared to be the next generation of leaders within organizations through leadership development and coaching.
  • Attract and retain top talent by creating inclusive workplace environments.

“Working with Anne is like having a great guide when white-water rafting. You want the excitement of the journey, but you’re not sure you want all the adventure. So you seek the comfort of a guide you can trust to get you through the rapids. Anne is that guide.” – Vicki Competello, Partner, Cornerstone Family Resources

“Having Anne on board is like the gyroscope on a ship. There’s a steadiness to her attention that brings her whole self to bear on a client’s situation.” – Nancy Brown-Jamison, Principal, Nancy Brown & Associates

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