Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

  • Lead with passion and purpose.
  • Learn techniques to succeed as a leader.
  • Strategize more effectively using a variety of lenses.
  • Certified user of the Leadership Circle 360 Profile and the Leadership Agility 360, an online 360° feedback assessment of leadership competencies.
  • Interview colleagues, subordinates and superiors to assess your leadership style.
  • Work with you to identify your skill set and leadership attitudes.
  • Help you assess organizational and team dynamics and how you may be contributing to them.
  • Coach you to implement a development plan or to set and accomplish your goals.
  • Identify resources to support your development.
  • Develop training programs.

“Anne’s assessment process got to the essence of what I needed to focus on. Her ideas on strategies and resources effectively accelerated my career.”
—Bob Conrad, President & CEO, Trebia Networks.
Mr. Conrad was a technology executive when he called on Anne for executive coaching. He was promoted within his company and later landed the position as Trebia CEO. Click here to learn more.

“I trusted Anne to give me straight answers. Her clarity was key to bringing about some very significant and positive results. What I’ve learned from her has enabled me to be a more effective manager.”
—Suellynn A. Stark, Vice President, Mt. Tom Mental Health Center.
With Anne’s help, Ms. Stark honed her executive and leadership skills to prepare for reorganization. In the process, she earned a promotion to vice-president, and now heads the entire health center. Click here to learn more.

“With Anne’s help I clarified my goals and my role in the system, took more risks, and created new opportunities for action. She listened deeply and was open and direct in her feedback. Her compassion and gentleness made it easy for me to trust and listen to her, even when it was difficult to hear what she had to say.”
—Rick Rocchetti, executive

“The phrase ‘life changing’ is rarely appropriate in describing an event, however attending the Leadership Competence Training (LCT) truly was. Anne and her partner developed the training to improve cross-cultural communication, self-awareness (MBTI), stress management, team leadership, and one’s ability to give and receive feedback.”
—David Rymarz, Manager, Siemens

  • Coached senior executives for 30 years.
  • CEO of family retail business for 7 years.
  • Started two successful businesses of my own: importing and consulting.
  • Have chaired the Board of Directors, Executive Search Committee and Budget and Finance Committee of the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science.
  • Negotiated conflicts among senior leaders.
  • Developed leadership training programs for large and small organizations.
  • Co-editor of the book, Managing in the Age of Change.
  • Qualified user of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
  • Certified to administer the Leadership Circle Profile assessment.
  • Developed leadership training programs for Fortune 100 corporations and small organizations.