New Rules for Women

New Rules for Women offers a new framework and important new concepts in understanding the subtle–often invisible–gender dynamics that influence women’s workplace relationships. A practical book–filled with tips, tools, exercises, and worksheets–it has the potential to free us from negative stereotypes while helping us reclaim parts of our experience in the workplace that have been misunderstood and devalued.”
–Joyce K. Fletcher, Distinguished Scholar, Center for Gender in Organizations, Simmons School of Management, and author of Disappearing Acts: Gender, Power and Relational Practice at Work


For the most part, women work together well. For starters, many women have similar experiences of gender role expectations, preferences for communicating and getting things done, and a history of operating in a “man’s world.”

Yet the latest research clearly shows that many women struggle in their workplace relationships with other women. These struggles can be frustrating for women—and a bottom-line concern for employers. Dr. Anne Litwin’s research into women’s relationships and communication at work reveals startling paradoxes. She exposes key sources of confusion and misunderstanding between women colleagues and offers powerful tools for preventing and resolving conflict that result in better relationships, as well as increased productivity and retention.

Readers will learn how to:

  • Leverage women’s strengths such as team- and consensus-building
  • Overcome conflicts due to gender socialization and organizational culture
  • Recognize and manage role boundaries and gender expectations
  • Learn what patterns exist in working relationships among women and how women’s expectations can create misunderstandings

When women can better understand themselves and their female colleagues, work relationships become stronger and productivity and job satisfaction increase.

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