Women's Leadership Development

  • Clarify your leadership purpose and values.
  • Strategize more effectively using a variety of lenses.
  • Fine-tune your skills in delegation, team building, motivation, negotiation, and conflict resolution.
  • Manage gender dynamics.
  • Achieve focus, balance, and results within a more meaningful life.
    • One-on-one coaching.
    • Unique public and in-house programs for women such as:
      • Keynote Speeches
        • Women Working Together: Solutions for Greater Productivity, Retention and Morale. The latest research shows that many women struggle in their workplace relationships with other women. Dr. Litwin reveals startling paradoxes and offers powerful solutions and tools that result in better relationships and increased retention of talented women.
        • Women’s Ways of Working: Leveraging the Strengths That Women Bring to the Workplace. Gender socialization results in differences in the strengths of women and men in the workplace. Dr. Litwin focuses on women’s strengths and how to ensure that organizations recognize and utilize the value-added practices that women bring.
      • Seminars and Workshops:
        • Are You My Boss or My Friend? Managing the Boss-Employee Relationship for Women Bosses. Many women expect something different from women bosses than from men. In addition, women have more fluid relationship boundaries, which can cause confusion. This seminar explores the sources of women’s expectations and offers tips and tools to help women bosses leverage their strengths and manage boundaries effectively.
        • Behind the Door and under the Bus: Why Sabotage between Women Happens and How to Deal with It. Sabotage by women colleagues happens for a reason. This session explores a continuum of intentionally hurtful behaviors, why they happen and what to do if they happen to you.
        • Friendship Rules in a Man’s World: How to Build Strong Relationships with Other Women at Work. Healthy and supportive relationships with colleagues are important for women’s satisfaction with both their work and outside lives. This session helps participants identify unconscious expectations and develop skills to strengthen relationships with other women at work.
        • Women and Men in the Workplace: Understanding Gender Differences at Work. Women and men bring different strengths to the workplace. This interactive workshop raises awareness of these differences and builds skills for cross-gender communication and colleagueship.

The gender differences workshops developed and conducted by Anne and her colleague Tom Finn entitled, Women and Men in the Workplace, has had a significant impact on the Aera culture. For example, during a recent performance calibration session for technical professionals, two of the women technical professionals who have gotten dinged in the past for personal interaction styles got more positive comments on their communication styles this year. One of them received a promotion this year, and the other calibrated in the high performance category. It was satisfying to see the male managers beginning to value what women bring to the workplace.”
—Joann Christense, Engineering Technology Manager, Aera Energy LLC

“I trusted Anne to give me straight answers. Her clarity was key to bringing about some very significant and positive results. What I’ve learned from her has enabled me to be a more effective manager.”
—Suellynn A. Stark, Vice President, Mt. Tom Mental Health Center.
With Anne’s help, Ms. Stark honed her executive and leadership skills to prepare for reorganization. In the process, she earned a promotion to vice-president, and now heads the entire health center. Click here to learn more.

“Anne’s research on women in the workplace has yielded results that are both insightful and useful. Anne has presented her research to a women’s leadership program that I have delivered for over 12 year. Her findings have enabled executive-level groups of women to see possibilities for more effective female relationships—both professionally and personally, as leaders and as peers. As women’s presence in business, politics, and globalization continue to grow, Anne’s research can guide us to more meaningful relationships and greater personal effectiveness.”
—Marsha Clark, President, Marsha Clark and Associates

    • Coach to women leaders for more than 30 years.
    • Published author on women’s leadership, including two chapters in Managing in the Age of Change. Coauthored numerous journal articles along with monographs entitled, “Women Coaching Women” and “Women and the Power Problem.”
    • Author of research-based book, New Rules for Women: Revolutionizing the Way Women Work Together in 2014.
    • Professional member of the Women’s Leadership Collaborative since 1993.