Strategic Alliances

NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science – Anne is the recent past Chair of the Board of Directors, a professional member, and faculty for Institute programs.

Power and Systems – Anne is a senior staff member of Power and Systems and co-creator with Barry Oshry and Bill Woodson of the workshop, When Cultures Meet. She is a coach for the Power and Leadership Conference, is licensed to conduct the Organization Workshop, and conducts licensing training for Power and Systems, Inc.

Future Search – Anne has been trained in the Future Search Conference methodology and is a member of the Future Search Network.

ISABS – Anne is a professional member of the Indian Society of Applied Behavioral Science (ISABS) and has been faculty for program offerings in India.

IOC (Innovative OD Consulting), Shanghai, China. Maria Wang, President and CEO – Anne works as a strategic partner with IOC to offer OD consulting services to Chinese enterprises to realize business transformation and innovation.

Teressa Moore Griffin, a self-awareness, personal growth, and diversity and inclusion expert, has been a strategic partner of Anne Litwin & Associates for more than 25 years in designing and delivering diversity and inclusion programs. Moore Griffin is the founder of Spirit of Purpose, LLC, and the author of LIES That Limit: Uncover the Truth of Who You Really Are

Amber Mayes has been a strategic partner with Anne Litwin & Associates for many years in designing and delivering women’s leadership development and diversity programs in a wide variety of settings.

Marcia Hyatt has been a strategic partner with both Anne Litwin and Amber Mayes for many years in designing and delivering women’s leadership development programs. Marcia is cofounder of the Center for Emerging Leadership, which hosts a Women in Leadership series and was voted favorite coach by Minnesota Women’s Pressreaders in 2014.

Tom Finn and Anne have worked together for many years to develop effective methods for gender engagement that help women and men work together to create inclusive organizations. Their focus is on creating organizations where both women and men can emerge as the next generation of leaders. Tom is the author of Are You Clueless?